Where Is The Best Place To Inject Hgh?


Doctor giving an hgh injectionThe quest to look younger, healthier and radiant is unending. Some travel to different places just to seek the best ingredients to improve their physical look, their health and their body.

On the other hand, some people seek extreme measures in the hope of overcoming the signs of aging or problems due to medical reasons. One of the extremes we are referring about is the use of the substance called HGH, or Human Growth Hormone.

Experts, however, are highly discouraging people to use HGH if the reason behind is not that urgent, not life threatening or only for pleasure. However, if you are suffering from HGH deficiency or you are undergoing growth hormone replacement therapy, the use of HGH can do many positive things to your health. Where is the best place to inject HGH?

Human growth hormone was first developed in the year 1985, and was then approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Poor growth and other factors call for HGH injection provided it comes with an approval from your trusted doctor. If you subject yourself to HGH injections, you have to note that such injection can go in different parts of the body, as long as there’s a subcutaneous layer on that part.

What Is Subcutaneous Tissue?

HGH injectionsSubcutaneous tissue, or in nonprofessional’s term, simply known as the layer beneath the skin is where HGH injections must be injected. Medically, this is the hypodermis or the hypoderm, which is the lowest layer of the human’s integumentary system.

To understand what this layer is, just imagine a layer of tissue underneath your skin that is composed of connective tissues and fat lobules. Where is the best place to inject HGH? The best place would be anywhere with subcutaneous layer in it.

Our Subcutaneous Tissue Is Consists Of A Lot Of Parts And To Give You A Clear View, Here Are Some Ideas On What Are The Things Found In Your Subcutaneous Tissue Layer:

  • Collagen and elastin fibers
  • Fat
  • Blood vessels
  • Sweat glands
  • Hair follicle roots
  • Fine sheets of muscles.
  • Lymphatic vessels.

Insulin injections should go in the subcutaneous layer, therefore, if you are familiar with it, then you can expect the same for the HGH injection. However, HGH injections are daily injections, and the idea of injecting yourself daily can be quite scary.

Important Notes On HGH Injections

HGH InjectionsThe proper way of where to inject HGH can be anywhere in the body with subcutaneous layer except in the eyelids, clitoris, penis and scrotum. HGH is in a lyophilized powder, therefore before injecting, you need to note the consistency of your drug, as it may not be a pure HGH. If it is pure, you need to handle it with care, for this form of drug is fragile and you should keep it in a proper storing place.

Protect HGH against heat and light. Store it in the fridge at about 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit, unless it is a JTPN or SAIZEN brand product.

Where is the best place to inject HGH? Studies show that HGH injections are best in an area where most of your body fat is located. Let’s say for example you are undergoing hormone therapy and you want to lose weight on your belly.

Where is the best place to inject HGH in this case? It should also be in your belly. Then create your own HGH injection cycle, for you have to do it several times in a week.

Injecting HGH On Your Own

There are cases when a person finds it hard to go almost every day to the hospital. Because of inconvenience, few people prefer to inject themselves with HGH, rather travel to the hospital. In case you are doing it yourself, make sure to pinch up the area of the skin you want to inject, observing the right angle or 90 degrees angle, inject the subcutaneous needle to skin and inject the HGH liquid slowly.

This is simple for most, and for some, quite painless. Where is the best place to inject HGH? The best area is wherever you feel comfortable, as long as you are doing it the right way, alternately. You should make sure you inject it in your subcutaneous layer. There are other doctors allowing intramuscular injection, too.

HGH Preparation

WATER BACTERIOSTATICNow that you know where the best place to inject HGH is, it is highly recommended that you have an idea of the right preparation of your HGH. Although medical professionals can do HGH injection, few people prepare and inject themselves without the presence e of medical professionals.

The right preparation of HGH is important. Bear in mind that you can mix this drug in two different ways. One is the use of sterile water and the other one is the use of bacteriostatic water. Most experts prefer to use bacteriostatic water and even consider it as the best option.

Do Not Abuse HGH Injection

If you are doing your HGH injection on your own, make sure not to abuse it. Knowing how to prepare it properly and knowing the best place to inject HGH are information that some people abuse. Some people think if a little HGH is good, than more must be better. That is not true, and you should follow your doctor’s advice to the letter. That way, you’ll avoid any side effects or complications from your HGH injections.

In addition, the fact that HGH has many benefits in terms of building physical stamina and bodybuilding, the more reason people want to abuse HGH injections. So bear in mind that you should avoid abusing HGH, as well as all types of drugs to avoid damaging your health permanently.

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