15 Low Testosterone Signs You Should Look for as You Age

15 Low Testosterone Signs You Should Look for as You Age


As a man, you would like to think that you are invincible and can remain so as you age. There is no greater sign of your manhood than the testosterone that courses through your body. It is the very hormone that makes you a man both physically and sexually. Unfortunately; however, your testosterone levels start to turn on you as you get older.

You may not want to hear it, but your testosterone levels start to go down around the time that you reach 30. Even worse, this goes on as you get older with low testosterone signs manifesting themselves in different ways.

Along with your decreasing testosterone levels, you may feel like the rest of you is also slipping away. This is why you should pay a great deal of attention to low testosterone signs, so that you will know when it’s time to act to counter the condition.

Signs That Tell You You’re Already Running Low on T

Just like any other disease or condition, the key to fighting your lower testosterone levels is to be aware of various low testosterone signs and symptoms so that you can readily consider a number of low testosterone treatment plans available.

Here are some low testosterone signs in males that you should especially watch out for:

  1. lack of appetite for sexYour Sex Drive is Low. If you suddenly find yourself uninspired to engage in sexual activity with your partner, it could a sign that you are already running low on testosterone.
    Because low testosterone levels can affect your mood and energy levels, this can also result in a sudden lack of appetite for sex. Suddenly, you find yourself losing any and all sexual desire. It’s not that you have stopped seeing your partner as one of the hottest women in the world. You simply don’t feel like engaging in sexual activity with her.
    To improve your sex drive, you might want to consider making some lifestyle changes eating healthier and engaging in a regular exercise routine. If you tend to smoke regularly, you may also want to drop the habit. Other things you can do to get your sex drive and sex life back on track include getting enough sleep regularly and not stressing so much about everything.
  2. You experience Hair Loss. You may not think much of it, especially when you are much older, but hair loss can easily be a sign that your testosterone levels are dangerously low. Before you start worrying too much though, it is important to note that the relationship between hair loss and low testosterone level is connected to a condition known as androgenetic alopecia.
    Androgenetic alopecia is a condition characterized by the thinning of the hair in the scalp. This is due to high androgen levels in the body caused by a metabolite of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT.
    Circulating testosterone is generally converted to DHT using the enzyme 5 – alpha reductase. When this happens, patients who are experiencing high levels of DHT also end up suffering from low testosterone levels. Likewise, elevated DHT levels eventually result in hair thinning and hair loss.
  3. You Face Erectile Dysfunction Issues. While there is still some debate surrounding the role low testosterone levels play in erectile dysfunction, it has been generally agreed upon that there is a link between this condition and having low T.
    What cannot be denied is that testosterone affects a man’s ability to achieve an erection. The relationship between these two, however, is far more complicated than you think. Some studies have even found that there are men who are capable of achieving an erection even if their testosterone levels are below normal.
  4. You Notice a Loss of Muscle Mass. If you think you are not looking as fit as normal, you might be surprised to learn that the problem may be due to your testosterone levels. This is because when your testosterone drops, your muscle mass also suffers a drastic loss.
    You will know you are suffering from this because all of sudden, you don’t have the ability to do your usual lifts at the gym. You seem to not have enough strength despite leading a relatively active life.
    Testosterone is critical when it comes to gaining and maintaining muscle mass. To illustrate, one study found that those who were put on testosterone replacement for six months experienced in rise in their testosterone levels by as much as 2.5 pounds.
    Generally, men tend to lose some muscle strength each year that they become rather inactive with their lifestyle. This results in a loss of half a percent of muscle strength each year if you are between the ages of 25 and 60. The moment you go beyond 60 years of age, your rate of muscle mass loss tends to double every ten years.
  5. Increase In Body FatYou See An Increase In Body Fat. If you find your stomach getting bigger and bulgier, you should fear for your testosterone levels. There is a good chance they will start experiencing a significant decline. Worse, the bad news doesn’t stop there.
    Recently published studies have found that low testosterone levels and obesity can be a dangerous combination as this results in constant unhealthy weight gain and hormonal imbalance.
    Because the relationship between the two conditions is largely unexplored, millions of males also end up suffering from the adverse effects of combined low testosterone levels and obesity. these include type two diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and even cancer.
  6. You have a Lack of Energy and Fatigue. Believe it or not, suffering from low testosterone levels can suddenly cause you to lose energy and feel tired all the time. This also happens to be one of the most common signs of low testosterone in females.
    In case you haven’t realized it yet, testosterone works hard to keep several activities in your body going regularly. It manages your muscle mass as much as it does your sex drive. Aside from this, it also makes sure that you have got enough energy to face your day physically and mentally.
    When you are low in testosterone, you tend to suffer from chronic fatigue. This is a condition that fails to improve even after you have had plenty of rest. When you are feeling significantly tired, you may become incapable of carrying out your tasks at work. With declining productivity, you may also soon find yourself in a heap of trouble with your boss.
  7. Tests Reveal a Decrease in Your Bone Mass. If you feel like your bones are suddenly getting weak, it could be because your testosterone levels are going down. Studies have even shown that weaker bones in men are a result of diminished testosterone in their body.
    According to Aaron C. Lentz, an assistant professor of surgery at the Duke University School medicine who also happens to be a urologist, men suffering low testosterone levels can also develop osteoporosis. As a result, you can also end up suffering from low bone density.
    To keep your bones healthy, eat a good amount of foods rich in calcium such as breads, cereals and oatmeal. You should also increase your intake of vegetables likes collard greens, kale and broccoli. You should eat foods rich in vitamin D such has mackerel, tuna and salmon.
  8. You Notice Changes in Your Moods. Unfortunately, low testosterone levels do not just affect you physically, they bring about some negative effects on your mental and emotional state too. Sometimes, men with this condition even report experiencing what is known as male menopause or andropause.
    The reason for this is that your brain happens to have testosterone receptors that can affect your mental health. This is why when your testosterone levels are low, you can experience depression, sudden increase in stress levels as well as unpredictable mood swings.
    Another reason that low testosterone levels is readily linked to depression and other mental health issues is due to the loss of energy you also tend to suffer with this condition.
    Having a great lack of energy also means that you have a tendency to be inactive and no longer able to do your usual exercise routine. Because of this, you start to gain weight and feel less attractive about yourself. This, in turn, lacks to a significant loss in self-confidence, which causes you to become depressed.
  9. Infertility IssuesYou May Experience Infertility Issues. Sadly, having low testosterone levels may also mean that you are capable of producing a child with your partner. This is because testosterone plays a vital role in making your sperm cells.
    The process of sperm making starts with your brain. It produces a certain hormone known as gonadotropin-releasing hormones or GnRH. GnRH, in turn, urge the testes to produce testosterone in order to ensure that your body has a healthy sperm count.
    This is why when your body stops producing enough testosterone, your sperm production also almost comes to halt. As a result, you will suffer from a low sperm count, which in turn affects your chances of producing a child negatively.
  10. You Notice a Change in Your Sleep Patterns. It is one of most vicious cycles yet when it comes to male physical and reproductive health. Having low testosterone can readily cause some sleep disturbance. On the other hand, sleep disturbance can also lead to disappointingly low testosterone levels.
    According to a study that was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association back in 2011, experiencing sleep restriction for a week partially caused a group of young, healthy men to suffer from low. To be more accurate, the men ended up suffering from 10 to 15 percent decline in their daytime testosterone levels.
    During the evening and afternoon, the same group of men also experienced their lowest testosterone levels yet. Aside from this, they also reported experiencing a significant loss in energy.
    It is believed that REM sleep helps promote normal testosterone production in men. This means men should make it a point to get some restful and undisturbed sleep on a regular basis. To help with this, it is advisable to avoid eating big meals right before you go to bed.
  11. There is a Marked Worsening of Your Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by one or more pauses in your breathing while are sleeping. Similarly, you can also be experiencing shallow breaths while you are dozing off. Obstructive sleep apnea is especially common among people who are overweight. Because of this, your sleep is often disrupted, making your sleep quality significantly poor.
    Recently, studies have confirmed that there is a significant correlation between sleep apnea and low testosterone levels. For men, the best time to produce a healthy amount of testosterone is at night while they are sound asleep.
    About 70 percent of a person’s human growth hormone tends to be produced during moments of deep, restful sleep. This is why when you sleep quality is poor, you also tend to suffer from abnormally low testosterone levels.
    In addition, one study had also confirmed that there is also a higher percentage of men dealing with erectile dysfunction who also suffer from sleep apnea. As you can recall, there is also a strong link between lower testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.
  12. TesticlesYou See a Shrinking of Your Testicles. If you think it is impossible for your testicles to start shrinking as you get older, think again. Low testosterone levels can readily cause for your testicles to start getting shriveled up. Even worse, they can also die.
    A healthy level of testosterone in your body means you are also able to produce a healthy level of sperm cells. Because of this, there is also a greater leydig cell activity in your body. In turn, this would give you satisfactory growth when it comes to your testicles. This is why when your testosterone levels are running low, your testicles are also in trouble.
    To find out if your testicles have gotten smaller due to your low testosterone levels, start by holding up your right hand with your palm faced forward and comparing your index finger with your ring finger. If your ring finger happens to be longer than your index finger, it means your small testicles are caused by your lifestyle instead of genetics, since you had been exposed to a significant amount of testosterone early on.
    If this is your kind of testicular problem, it can mean that your current diet, which is causing you to put on some weight is also affecting your testosterone levels and therefore, your testicular size. You may want to consult with a physician if this is possibly the case.
    Meanwhile, if your two fingers happen to be similar in length or if your index finger happens to be longer than your ring finger, it means that you have been suffering from low testosterone levels even when you were just in your mother’s womb.
  13. You Notice a Growth of Your Breast Tissues. One way to tell if your testosterone levels are already running low is the sudden presence of enlarged male breasts in your body. This condition is also known as gynecomastia.
    Gynecomastia is a disorder that result in the imbalance of hormones.  When a man has more estrogen in the body than testosterone, he has a tendency to develop relatively larger breasts, which could be especially embarrassing.
    Today, one in four men between the ages of 50 and 80 suffer from gynecomastia. While it is generally not a harmful condition, it can sometimes cause sore breast tissue among men.
    Lucky for men, gynecomastia can be readily treated using the same drugs that are typically prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer. Men suffering from this condition may also want to consider undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.
  14. You may Experience Iron Deficiency or Anemia. Medical experts have come to agree that is a relation between low testosterone levels and iron deficiency. Iron plays a key role in making sure oxygen is well distributed throughout the body. When one is suffering from iron deficiency, our bodily functions also get compromised.
    In a study conducted by the University at Buffalo in New York, they found that men suffering with Type two diabetes also happen to have both low testosterone and iron levels. A low concentration of testosterone can also partially cause low-grade anemia among Type two diabetes patients. This is why it is now recommended to study testosterone therapy as a treatment option for diabetic men with anemia.
  15. You Fight Irritability Problems. While low testosterone levels can make men depressed, stressed and fatigued, it can also leave them ill-tempered and irritable. This is because low levels of testosterone can also bring up the level of a stress hormone called cortisol in the body.
    This results in a host of negative behaviors including being withdrawn, hostile, anxious, dissatisfied, angry, sarcastic, frustrated and sad. When men suffer from low testosterone levels, it is also like they are suffering from menopause.

Fight Off Low Testosterone Signs With These Natural Remedies

intense exerciseNow that you know the symptoms to watch out for, it is time to discover how to increase testosterone in your body safely and naturally as you get older. Luckily for you, there are number of effective remedies and solutions to low testosterone around so you explore which option works for you best. Here are some of the most recommended ones:

  1. Get Into Some High Intensity Exercise. Experts have found that engaging in short intense exercise routines help effectively boost your testosterone levels. In contrast, long, moderate exercise as well as aerobics can possibly bring down your testosterone levels even further.
    To engage in a high intensity exercise that will boost your testosterone levels and give you more muscle, start with a warm up routine for three minutes. Exercise as hard as and as fast as you can for all of 30 seconds. Recover and slow your exercise down to a moderate pace for just 90 seconds. Afterwards, go back to your high intensity exercise before recovering again. Do this for seven more times.
  2. Try Taking Some Low Testosterone Supplements. If you are struggling with your decreasing testosterone levels but feel too tired to engage in some high intensity exercise, you can also try taking some supplements to help boost your testosterone.
    One of these supplements is called Provacyl. It is a natural testosterone booster that’s been formulated to keep male menopause away while giving you more energy, a better sex drive.
  3. Shed Off a Few Pounds. You heard it, sometimes you just need to lose some weight in order to get your testosterone levels up again. This was the key finding of a study presented during the Endocrine Society’s meeting back in 2012.
    To do this effectively, it is recommended that you cut down on all of the excess sugar that you have been consuming lately. This means that your consumption of fructose per day should be below 25 grams. To do this, limit your intake of fruit juice, sweeteners and processed foods. You should also limit your consumption of foods high in a sugar known as lactose. This is found in grains and milk.
  4. Increase Your Intake of Zinc. You may not know it but when it comes to testosterone production, zinc plays a critical role. Research has even shown that an increased level of zinc in the body doesn’t just lead to an increase in testosterone, it even prevents testosterone levels from going down dangerously.
    To increase your testosterone levels naturally and avoid suffering from any low testosterone signs in men, add some fish, meat, beans, yogurt, raw milk, and raw cheese in your daily diet. You can also take a 40 mg zinc supplement per day.
  5. Increase the Vitamin D in Your Body. Vitamin D happens to be a steroid hormone. This means it plays a critical role in the development of the nucleus of your sperm cells. It also helps maintain the quality of your semen and managing your sperm count. This is why, this particular vitamin also plays a key role in giving your testosterone level a boost.
    If you don’t have time to lay out in the sun regularly, you can take a vitamin D3 supplement daily. According to research, an average adult should take 8,000 IU’s of vitamin D every day.

The key to keeping your testosterone levels up for life is to be aware of low testosterone signs so that you can go about preventing your condition from getting any worse. Choose what remedy is right for you get your testosterone levels right back up.

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