Growth Experts on Human Growth Hormone Supplements - Good or Bad?

Growth Experts on Human Growth Hormone Supplements – Good or Bad?


There is no shortage of literary and cinematic plotlines built around age concepts, such as immortality, everlasting youth and age reversal. Sometimes these claims seem to jump off the books and off the screens into our lives. Yes, we are talking about medical products that surface in the market from time to time staking their claim as the solution to aging.

human growth hormoneOne category of such anti-aging supplements and products says they produce the results they claim via human growth hormone supplements. But here’s the thing, the federal drug Authority (FDA) does not require supplement manufacturers to prove the legitimacy of their claims via clinical trials.

Therefore, the manufacturers are not obliged to produce scientific documentation proving that their product does what it is supposed to. On one hand, we have products that promise miraculous results, and on the other, there is a fog of uncertainty regarding the safety and efficacy of such products.

Under the circumstances, the only thing that leads to the right decision is the right information. In this article, exposes the truth behind human growth hormone supplement – the good, the bad, and ugly.

Hormones: Your Body’s Bio-Regulators

Your body is a magnificent machine in which innumerable processes happen every second. In fact, there is nothing in the world that can match the complexity of the human body. This makes people ask, “What makes the human body tick?”

For a moment, think of the processes that happen in your body as a beautifully scripted play. In this play, organs, such as lungs, liver, heart, intestine, and brain, are akin to actors. The actors in the play require cues which tell them what to do and when to do it. Hormones are similar to such cues.

Hormones direct specific parts of your body either to do something or to stop doing something. Thus, hormones play a big role in regulating your body’s functions and glands are the parts of your body responsible for producing hormones.

What Are Human Growth Hormones or HGH?

There is a pea-sized structure at the base of your brain known as the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces human growth hormones or HGH.

These hormones aid in childhood development and support tissue and organ maintenance throughout your life.

Starting from the age of 30, your production of human growth hormones decreases by 25 percent each decade. This decrease is partly responsible for the aging-associated decrease in muscle and bone mass.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many thought that using human growth hormone products to counteract the natural decrease in human growth hormone can negate the effects of aging.

Although the theory sounds reasonable on paper, no one has practically demonstrated the effectiveness of supplement products in arresting the process of aging.

The Low Down on Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Ironically, human growth hormone supplements for sale do not contain any human growth hormone. This is because the FDA classify human growth hormone as a drug. Therefore, manufacturers cannot include human growth hormone as an ingredient in supplements.

Instead, most of the manufacturers use ingredients that stimulate the production of human growth hormone to create supplements and products. For example arginine, ornithine, glutamine, glycine, OKG, and BCAAs.

Does Everyone Benefit Equally From Using Human Growth Supplements?

The short answer is no.

The pituitary gland in some people produces suboptimal levels of human growth hormone due to conditions such as pituitary adenoma. Such people are deficient in human growth hormone.

fatIf doctors inject human growth hormone into people deficient in HGH, the patients benefit from the treatment in the following ways:

  • Capacity to exercise increases
  • Bones become denser
  • Muscles grow bigger
  • Body fat decreases

So, people who have less human growth hormone in their system as a result of a malfunctioning pituitary gland can benefit a lot from human growth hormone injections.

But, what about normal healthy people?

Unfortunately, there is little evidence proving that healthy adults stand much to gain from human growth hormone supplementation. For example, let’s look at human growth hormone for bodybuilding. Although the supplements increase the muscle mass, there is no increase in strength. Thus, the gains are only cosmetic.

Approved Uses of Human Growth Hormone

Nearly six decades ago, Dr. Raben became the first person to successfully treat pituitary dwarfism using human growth hormone. Since then, the number of clinical application of human growth hormone-based treatment has expanded to include the following:

  • Growth hormone deficiency during childhood or adulthood.
  • Turner syndrome, a disease that girls with a defective or absent X chromosome contract.
  • Stunted growth resulting from renal
  • Prader-Willi syndrome, a congenital disease that absence of certain genes triggers.
  • Growth anomalies in children born small for their age.
  • Idiopathic short stature in children.
  • Wasting and growth hormone deficiency because of AIDS.

The above list covers possible uses of growth hormone based treatment. However, the rules regarding its application vary from country to country. For example, although the United States of America and Japan approves growth hormone based treatment for AIDS-related wasting, the United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia does not.

In America, using human growth hormone for unapproved or off-label uses is a felony. In the next section of the article, you will discover what the common off-label uses of human growth hormone are.

Off-Label Uses of Human Growth Hormone

The laws limit the administration of human growth hormone treatment to specific uses. Although thousands of people benefit from this every year, the number of people who abuse it is staggeringly high.

Anti-agingThis abuse applies to improper or excessive use. Among the many ways in which people incorrectly use human growth hormone, two ways stand titanic. They are as follows:

  • Anti-aging: The precise mechanism of aging continues to elude the best and brightest of minds. We all know that as the body gets older, it loses its musculature and bone density. One reason for this is the decrease in production of human growth hormone. It is true that compensating for the degrees can reduce the decrease in musculature and bone density.

However, that is just one aspect of aging. Not only that, clinical studies have shown only slight improvement in muscle and bone growth, and that too among the elderly. People who have normal levels of human growth hormone and did not demonstrate significant gains from using HGH supplements.

  • Performance Enhancement: In the world of bodybuilding, bodybuilders widely use testosterone, a sex hormone, to stimulate muscular hypertrophy, but a human growth hormone steroid doesn’t seem as effective. The anabolic effects of human growth hormone help decrease body fat, promote weight loss, increase muscle mass, improves strength, and speed up recovery.

For these reasons, athletes use human growth hormone to increase their performance. Another reason for using human growth hormone steroids is because of the difficulty in detecting this performance-enhancing drug.

In the first case, clever marketers play on people’s insecurities regarding aging and sell them hollow promises. In the second case, ambition, greed, and unhealthy competition may push a person into trying performance-enhancing drugs.

No matter what, using human growth hormones directly for reasons other than what your government approves is illegal.

HGH Supplements Side Effects That You Need to Know About

Messing with the hormone system is risky business because the supplements cause side effects. There are so many variables in the equation that fixing one problem may cause other problems. That’s why things are not as simple as ordering human growth hormone supplements from GNC.

PainThe undesirable consequences of using human growth hormone includes the following:

  • Neuralgia, or pain in the nerves
  • Pain in the muscles and joints
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Edema, a condition in which your body tissues swell
  • Skin begins to become numb and feels tinglish
  • Cholesterol level increases
  • Become prone to diabetes
  • Contribute to growth of cancerous tumors

If you acquire the drug from an illicit source, you may not know the exact composition of the drug. Thus, you may fall prey to counterfeit drugs which may lead to unforeseen consequences.

Your doctor is the best person to determine if you are the right candidate for growth hormone based treatment. Do not engage yourself in experimenting with products that involve or affect hormones based on just online research.

How to Naturally Boost Your Growth Hormone Level

You can elevate the levels of growth hormone in your system without using any supplements.

  • Make sure you get adequate sleep every night. The growth hormone production in your body spikes when you’re asleep. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, you will lose the benefits of the spike. Therefore, encourage yourself to develop the habit of going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. Moreover, as the level of growth hormone in your body increases so does the quality of your sleep. This initiates the positive feedback loop.
  • Integrate high-intensity resistance workouts in your weekly schedule. High-intensity resistance exercises stimulate the release of growth hormones. The exercise builds lean body mass and decreases fat mass. Since excess fat suppresses growth hormone production, you will receive an indirect boost in the production of growth hormones because of exercise-related fat loss.
  • vegetablesEat a nutritionally balanced diet. Include enough, vegetables, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, lean meat, and legumes in your weekly menu. Avoid eating refined and processed foods. Portion your food properly so that you don’t overeat. Also, allocate proper time for your meal and stick to the same timing every day. While eating your food, chew it well before swallowing.

Furthermore, remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Good eating habits negate any nutritional imbalance and creates a platform for stable hormone production. Additionally, you will lose weight because of fat loss and received the indirect boost in growth hormone production that we spoke about earlier.

How to Protect Yourself from Internet Scams

The FDA issued a set of guidelines to protect people from scams built around sensational products. The guidelines state the following:

  • Make sure sellers clearly identify themselves. You should know which company or organization you are buying the product from.
  • Check credentials. Also check the background of the person, or persons, who vet the medical information the site provides.
  • Look for references. See if they’re connect to a reputable institution, such as American Medical Association, US Food and Drug Administration, and National Institutes of Health.
  • Analyze the purpose of the site. Always beware of sites that purely exist to sell you a product or service.
  • Check the claims. Watch out for words such as, “some studies indicate,” “The citation must be clear and specific. Ask yourself, “Have they made it easy for me to verify their claims or are they vague about the source of their information?”
  • Reviews are not enough. Do not trust products that rely only on customer reviews to prove the efficacy of that product.
  • effectivenessAvoid sales pitches. Stay on the lookout for emphatic language and exaggerated words such as miracle, breakthrough, or revolutionary.
  • Look out for hype. Ensure that the product enumerates its benefits using evidence-based science rather than hype. Remember, copywriters are adept at spinning words and phrases to make even nonsensical things sound convincing.
  • Natural isn’t necessarily safe. Bear in mind that natural does not always mean healthful and safe.
  • Read studies. Ask for tests conducted on the safety and effectiveness of the ingredients in the product.
  • Find out about quality. Inquire about the quality assurance and quality control policy of the manufacturer. It should not be buying products from people who don’t have such structures in place.
  • Look for negative feedback. Request information regarding cases of adverse events resulting from using the product.
  • Get as much information as you can. Seek additional information from the manufacturer proving the claims that the maker states.

A Closer Look at a Growth Hormone Supplement

In order to understand the product profile of a growth hormone supplement, let us examine closely one such product, namely GHAdvanced+.

muscle growthGHAdvanced+ is a product that claims to enhance muscle growth, facilitate fat loss, sculpt a lean body, increase sex drive, and boost stamina. You have to admit, the list of benefits is rather appealing. However, the product’s landing page has little to offer in terms of proof.

Instead, this product attempts to convince you of its worth by testimonies from satisfied customers. This practice is quite consistent with what other companies do to sell similar kinds of products. Therefore, there is nothing extraordinary about this product.

Although the site talks about the core ingredients and provides references to studies that show the link between the ingredients and growth hormones, it is not enough to convince a wary customer about the safety and efficacy of the product.

Keeping the FDA guidelines in mind, the human growth hormone for sale, GHAdvanced+, is not a good option because of the following reasons:

  • The landing page does not have an “About Us” link. So you don’t know exactly is selling you this product.
  • The latest study, among the list of references, is from 1996. This research is 20 years old.
  • You don’t have any data regarding measurable improvements people have made through using this product.
  • The site looks as if it were created just to sell the product.
  • There are no authority figures from the medical field endorsing the claims the product states.
  • The site owners clearly mention that they have changed the picture and name of the reviewers in accordance with the privacy policy. Therefore, the sole proof that the company offers to prove that their product works is unverifiable.
  • The overall impression the site creates communicates the message that this product is meant for bodybuilders and not for ordinary folks. Do you want bulging veins popping out of every square inch of your skin?

All these red flags bring us to the bottom line, which is, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Before you buy any health product online, use the FDA guidelines to keep yourself safe. Remind yourself that if these products it really worked, then what prevents the manufacturers from conducting tests to corroborate their claims?

If there truly were a product that reliably delivers all the results it states without causing any side effects, then that product would be beyond anything that we have ever seen. Rest assured if the news doesn’t teach you why media, it will shortly reach you word-of-mouth.


medical opinionThere are many people who would receive a significant increase in their quality of life if they receive human growth hormone therapy. These people are the ones who suffer from conditions for which growth hormone therapy is a medically approved course of treatment. When it comes to reasons for using human growth hormone, weight loss is most certainly one of them.

If you have become interested in human growth hormone supplements because of one of the off-label uses, then it will be wise if you reconsider your decision. This is not because we don’t believe in the positive effects of growth hormone therapy. We are skeptical only because there are no products that reliably deliver the positive effects consistently across a wide demography

Take the time to re-examine the reason why you want to use human growth hormone supplements. Brainstorm alternative ways to achieve the end result. Weigh the pros and cons of each solution against each other. After doing so, if you still think that supplements are the only way to reach your goal, then talk to your doctor about this.

Never act on your own. Never act without complete information. Never act without seeking a medical opinion from experts.

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