Grey Top Hgh Ip – Is It Real?


Grey Top HGHIf you have recently started purchasing synthetic HGH that has been sent to you from a foreign location, you may notice that some of the vials that contain the HGH inside come with different colored caps. Some of those that produce somatotropin artificially use the colored caps to designate different dosages, whereas others are simply using the caps because they are available.

There is one that has come into question recently, what is called grey top HGH IP and many people are wondering if it is real or fake. Let’s go over the process of the creation of synthetic human growth, what the caps tend to mean and whether or not this particular grey top HGH is legitimate or not.

How Synthetic HGH Is Made

If you have heard of athletes that have been accused of doping, they are more than likely using synthetic human growth hormone. This is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, and the only way to get injections in the past was by extracting it from cadavers. Modern science decided to create its own form of HGH, primarily to treat children that would not reach full height.

Back in the 1960s, cadavers were very popular, and synthetic HGH began to be produced. Due to some problems with the production leading to contamination of the product, the FDA halted the distribution of cadaver based human growth hormone and a biotech company by the name of Genentech and another company called Eli Lilly started using recombinant bacteria to produce HGH.

They simply change the genetic coding of the bacteria, and as a result, the bacteria were able to produce human growth hormone in the laboratory without risk of contamination. Protropin was finally produced and approved by the FDA. In the 1980s, black market HGH was extremely popular with athletes. Since that time, you need to have a prescription for the synthetic growth hormone, or you can purchase it overseas, risking the possibility that what you are getting is either contaminated, or is not real at all.

HGH Vials Overview

When you receive the vials of human growth hormone from overseas, it is usually in liquid form. Thus somatotropin is very unstable and is suspended in the liquid. Just by shaking the bottle, or exposing it to heat, you can actually Somatotropincause it to be destroyed. You also do not want to injected directly into any water, if it is in powder form, as the same detrimental results can manifest.

When you receive the vials, they will likely have a cap on the top that is colored. Once opened up, you will have to use a syringe, usually those that are used for insulin shots, having the 100 markings on the side.

Once the Is removed, and the rubber is cleaned with an alcohol pad, you will want to put a single milliliter of water, which is 100 markings, into the syringe, pushed the needle through the rubber, and inject the water into the vial.

It will take a little bit of time for it to dissolve, usually about 30 minutes, and then you will pull the HGH back into the syringe. The recommended dosage is 2IU per day for antiaging purposes, 4IU a day for bodybuilding, and up to 16IU per day to recover from severe injuries or burns. After using the HGH for quite some time, usually a couple weeks, you need to do what is called cyclic.

For every two weeks that you are on, you need to take two or three weeks off, allowing your body to recover from the additional somatotropin flowing through your veins. It is only by taking a break that your body will be able to consistently use the somatotropin beneficially, otherwise you may actually be overdosing on the growth hormone which can only lead to detrimental results.

Grey Top Hgh Ip – Is It Real?

For those that have received these vials in the mail, and got ones that had a grey top, many people have stated that those that have this particular color is not legitimate at all, and is simply a fake. Remember, however, that many companies use the same color tops so if you are working with a business that has provided you with something that has worked for you, just because it has a grey cap does not mean that it is fake.

You need to monitor how you feel, if there are any changes in a beneficial way after taking the injections, the easiest way to determine if what you are using is real or fake. Just be aware that some shipments with grey tops for the HGH have actually been shown to be fraudulent, so keep this in mind as you are placing your orders if you ever want to try a grey top HGH ip.

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