Does Human Growth Hormone Expire Or Not?



Many people are interested in human growth hormone these days. This supplement has been promoted as an aid to slow down aging and even burn fat.

This substance can be purchased online or in health food and body building stores. Have you ever tried human growth hormone (HGH), and did it work well for you?

Does HGH Expire On The Expiration Date?

If you purchased some HGH and never got around to using it, you may have a question that is common to many people in this situation.

Does Human Growth Hormone expire? You probably do not want to hear “it depends” for an answer. But that might be the answer that you will get.

If you purchased a powder, and it has never been reconstituted, it should still be fine somewhat past the expiration date.

This is especially true if the powder was stored properly. If you already reconstituted it, you might consider tossing that supply and buying fresh HGH.

To be prudent, you may want to contact the manufacturer. If you cannot find the original manufacturer you can contact a health food store and ask an expert them.

Many online health food suppliers have customer service phone numbers and emails that you can use to get more information about products.

While expired HGH may not harm you, it is possible that it will lose potency over time. If it degrades, you may not enjoy the same benefit that you would if you used a freshly packaged supplement.

If you purchased a liquid supplement, you should probably pay more attention to the expiration date.

Reconstituted HGH might be more likely to go bad. If you are purchasing HGH, and do not intend to use it quickly, you might be better off purchasing the powder. That way, you can simply just mix it up as you need it.

Why Do People Take HGH?

Growth hormones are naturally produced in the body. When people refer to taking human growth hormone, they are usually talking about taking additional synthetic HGH.

As people age, HGH production does slow down, and this is probably why people wonder if additional supplies of HGH can help them. Lots of body builders use human growth hormones to either bulk up or get leaner.

Both male and female body builders use this supplement to speed up and enhance their body building efforts sometimes. Others seek to use HGH as a simple way to appear more fit or reverse signs of aging.

According to the Mayo clinic, there are few studies to support the validity of this claim. However, they do say there is some evidence that it actually can reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in healthy older adults.

However, the Mayo Clinic also cautions that HGH can have side effects in otherwise healthy adults.

These might include swelling and joint pain. Synthetic growth hormone can only be obtain legally with a doctor’s prescription.

That said, a doctor is unlikely to prescribe HGH to a healthy adult. Some people do have medical conditions which decrease growth hormone production. This is different than the normal slowdown related to simple aging.

For adults who have a true deficiency, doctor’s may prescribe injections. In this case, this supplement might increase the ability to be more active, muscle mass, and bone density. It might also decrease body fat.

This hormone is used to treat AIDS or HIV related muscle wasting. It is generally not prescribed to provide additional benefits to adults who are otherwise fit and healthy. Apparently, researchers believe that when it comes to HGH – enough is enough.

Can You Find HGH Pills?

pilldrop whiteWhen doctors prescribe HGH, it is injected. There are pills on the market that are sold as HGH release pills.

These pills do not seem to have been scientifically researched. Most information about them comes from advertisers claims or the stories of people who have used them.

Bodybuilders may disagree with doctor’s position on HGH supplements. Many say that the benefits of these supplements are enormous.

These claims must have some credibility because these are the people who really study ways to build more muscle and reduce body fat.

Of course, many body builders also tell others that the best way to stimulate human growth hormone is to work out and eat right.

The body may increase production of this hormone in response to proper nutrition and an increased activity level.

Does Human Growth Hormone Expire?

If you have a powdered supplement, you might be able to use it past the expiration date.

If you have prescription shots, you should call your doctor or pharmacist to find out more.

There is still a lot of debate about HGH. You might speak with a doctor or professional trainer to get the information you seek for your own unique situation.

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