Can The Military Test For HGH And Other Steroids?


Military Test and steriodHuman Growth Hormone, better known as HGH, is seen as the little stepbrother of steroids but remains popular among many athletes and serious bodybuilders looking for that extra edge to help them bulk up over the competition.

Many individuals find HGH as an extremely useful way to bulk up, boost their overall muscle mass, and help them surpass training hurdles and limitations that they just haven’t been able to otherwise push over.

This often brings up a question for those about to head into the military: can the military test for HGH or any other type of growth hormone? Like with many questions there is a short answer to this and a long answer. The short answer is fairly simple, and that’s a yes.

The military can test for any drugs they want, illegal, legal, or otherwise. If they decide to test for HGH or steroids, they fully have the ability to do so and they’re also fully allowed to do so. If they go this route and find traces of these, the best a person who tests positive can hope for is being enrolled in a substance abuse program with a mandatory finish while there’s a very distinct possibility of being dishonorably discharged from the military. In the case of recruits, this would be simply not being allowed in.

Because of this, many individuals, including plenty of soldiers and those who go through the process of training new recruits, will strongly advise going against any type of training program that uses unnatural enhancement products like HGH to try and get a leg up. The work to get into the proper shape before Basic Training should be done naturally. The training itself will give any recruits the rest of the leg up they need to get into spectacular shape.

This means that the actual intent behind the question of “Can the military test for HGH or other steroids?” is more important that the wording of the inquiry itself. Because of this, it’s easy to see that the question then isn’t so much whether or not if the military can test for HGH (they certainly can and at times have) but whether or not they will.

Military soldier use hghThis is where a lot of conflicting information comes up depending on where you look, and that’s even including among forums and sites where the experts are individuals who have served in the military. The majority of drug tests, especially early on going into basic training, seem to be for the basic illegal “recreational” drugs.

This means that you can assume 100% of the time the drug tests going into the military will look for marijuana, LSD, PCP, cocaine, meth – and any drug related to these families. There’s a bit more conflict over whether or not HGH and steroids get consistently tested or not.

Some suggest that HGH testing is not standard early on in basic because the expense would be far too high. Some have even claimed (although it would be nearly impossible to verify this online) that they were “in a cycle” or “coming out of a cycle.” This would suggest that testing for HGH early on isn’t that solid, or at the very least is very inconsistent. This all depends, of course, if the stories are true.

However there are also plenty of officers in various parts of the armed forces who say in forums that the military does regularly check for steroids and HGH. Random testing has become  a thing since the mid-2000’s and there are multiple anecdotal stories of how individual soldiers were caught and then booted from their unit after these tests were failed. Once again, a lot of this information is second hand so it is extremely difficult to verify.

On any form going into the military there is a question about having used illegal drugs and in this case HGH and steroids count. Because of that, failing one of these tests becomes a big deal because it also indicates a lie on the initial contract. There have been multiple stories of soldiers getting tested because their friends talked about steroid or HGH use and that led to the test that got them busted.

The simple answer to this question is that the military is capable, and sometimes will, randomly test for HGH or for steroids. The best way to avoid any potential issues is to not use any banned substance. That might seem like an over-simplification, but the consequences of getting caught and failing one of these tests can be dire.

Even if HGH and steroids aren’t among the standard drug tests, at any time a recruit or soldier can be asked for a urine or blood sample if there is any suspicion of improper use. That makes keeping clean all the more important.

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