Finally Revealing the Best Natural Testosterone Booster Ever

Finally Revealing the Best Natural Testosterone Booster Ever


A proper healthy diet is a best natural testosterone booster that can help to build up substantial nutrient levels necessary for your body’s overall growth.

Testosterone is a vital part of a male sex hormone that is responsible for all your sexual and reproductive functions; however, at least one in every four men above the age of 40 suffers from androgen deficiency or low testosterone. To get started on a healthy diet, patients must first consult with a doctor. This is because the kind of lifestyle that you lead will determine what your diet should consist of each day.

The bottom line is, you will learn about normal testosterone boosters and which one is more applicable for your health condition. A simple error in your nutritional diet, such as not getting enough magnesium or eating high glycemic foods can cause the testosterone level in your body to decrease.

In this article, you will be learning everything – from understanding how androgen deficiency could harm your normal way of life and what you can do to treat testosterone naturally. Keep reading.

1. Chemical Messengers: The Androgens as Male Sex Hormones

sex hormones produced in menAndrogens are the major sex hormones produced in men. As mentioned above, androgens or testosterone are essential male sex hormones and you can consider them as chemical messengers.

Your body mainly produces them in your testes. It is the pituitary gland, located in the human brain that regulates the growth of the testes. Your body does it using two types of hormones:

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • Luteinizing hormone

The hypothalamus, located in a nearby area inside the brain, in turn control the function of the pituitary gland.

2. Understand The Major Functions Played by the Testosterone in the Male Body

The function of the testosterone is actually not just sexual and reproductive. There are other areas where the role of the testosterone is necessary. These are:

  • Bone and Muscle Development
  • Starting and Ending Puberty Process
  • Growth of Body Hair
  • Change in Vocal Cords
  • Sperm Production
  • Growth and Function of Prostate Gland
  • Stimulation of Sexual Drive

3. What Should You Know About The Effects of Testosterone Deficiency?

The effects of a testosterone deficiency will depend on the level of its severity, the cause and the age of the person. But on a general level, the symptoms that arise from testosterone deficiency are widespread.Depression

Here are some of the symptoms resulting from androgen deficiency:

  • Sweating and Hot Flashes
  • Reduced Sexual Desire
  • Lethargy and Fatigue
  • Chest Development
  • Depression
  • Loss of Body Hair
  • Reduced Bone Mass leading to a Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Increased Accumulation of Body Fat

When you pay a visit to the doctor, they will take a lot of things into consideration for correct diagnosis. You may realize that all these assessments are very crucial and will always depend a lot on the health condition of the patient. According to research, testosterone levels lower down more in case of people who are obese.

4. Diagnosis of Low Testosterone Level: Here Is How It Is Done

Diagnosis for low testosterone level involves a number of assessments. These include

  • Physical examination: This is the general performance of a physical test like checking the best development and the size of the testicle.
  • Medical History: Taking into account the full medical history, like the symptoms of androgen deficiency, sexual function, fertility, occupation, medical problems, prescribed and non-prescribed medications or drug usage.
  • Blood Tests: Determine the testosterone level and the body’s peak release. Ideally, your physician will take the blood tests on two separate mornings. This will help to understand the peak time of release of the testosterone. Also, the blood sample tests will help to measure the pituitary hormone levels in the body.
  • Other Kinds of Tests: The kind of tests that fall under this category are – conducting blood sample tests to check the iron levels, the CT scan of the brain and the genetic tests. The semen analysis will determine that potential level of fertility present in a man, along with the androgen deficiency.

Based on this diagnosis, the doctor will recommend the best testosterone boosters. They may administer the treatment with the help of many long-term and short-term medications. These can be skin patch, gel cream or tablets. But, chemical medication can leave behind potential side-effects, as well. Some of the possible side-effects that a man can experience are:Weight Gain

  • Mild Acne
  • Weight Gain
  • Frequent Mood Swings
  • Slight Pattern of Baldness
  • Problems Related to the Urine Flow
  • Breast Development

This is where a good testosterone booster differs from chemical testosterone boosters.

Keep reading to discover the benefits which natural boosters offer.

5. Benefits of Going for the Best Natural Testosterone Booster Treatment

The best natural testosterone boosters work to enhance the overall well-being of a human body. Check out the following advantages that you get when you decide to opt for the best natural testosterone booster treatment:

  • Increased sexual function and libido levels
  • Enhanced feeling of maleness
  • Little or no side-effects
  • Improved composition of the human body mass
  • Better athletic performance
  • Enhanced ability to workout in between workouts

There are many natural ways by which you can boost your testosterone. Even a good night’s sleep can also be one of these ways. Keep reading to find out how.

6. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: The Mantra foran Overall Healthy Life

According to reports, a lack of proper sleep could affect the testosterone level conditions of healthy young men. In order to prove this observation, the Journal of the American Medical Association performed a test that studied how lack of sleep could affect the testosterone level. This is what they found out from the observation:

  • Researchers found the testosterone levels to be particularly low, especially on sleep-restricted days.
  • The participants also reported to experience a decreased sense of well-being with the drop in their testosterone level.

Sleep, therefore, is a vital step to treatment that you cannot afford to miss. The average time of sleep that most adults need is generally between seven to nine hours every night. This enables a person to function properly and to lead a healthy normal life again.

7. Losing the Excess Weight: The Key to a Healthy Body and Peaceful Mindregular exercise

One of the causes of a testosterone drop is obesity or being overweight. This is because obese people tend to secrete more aromatase. This is an enzyme that converts the testosterone into estrogen. As the metabolism of your body continues to decrease, the aromatase production will increase. This will create even more problems. That is why you need to do the following:

A necessary thing to note is that it does not mean that you will have to go on a crash diet.

You already know a few reasons for the significance of active lifestyles. Read on to discover one more.

8. Know Your Body’s Needs: Best Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is found to be adaptable to the needs of a body. For instance, if you lie on the couch for a longer period of time, then the brain gets the wrong message that you do not need to bolster your bones and the muscles. On the other hand, the brain may send out positive signals in case of more hormonal production.

This proves the significance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some suggested physical activities that you can try out:

  • Walking briskly for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes each day.
  • Building strength with several sessions of elastic bands or weights.

For the second point, try working with a trainer in order to ensure that you do not end up injuring yourself in the process.

9. Zinc in Your Diet: An Underrated Mineral Your Body Needs

Zinc plays an essential part in testosterone level regulation. This is the reason you must try to include plenty of it in your diet.

Oyster extract for example, contains a high level of zinc. Including oysters and other shellfish in your diet can lead to an increase in the amino acids, taurine, omega 3and 6that will also lead to an improvement in the brain function.

If you are not keen on oyster extracts, then try out some of these food sources:

  • LobsterRed Meat
  • Lobster
  • Poultry
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Whole grains

Try moderating the zinc deficiency in your body by talking with your doctor and getting some best testosterone supplements.

There are many reasons to have kale. Find out why testosterone is one of those reasons.

10. About Herbal Remedies and the Best Testosterone Supplements

There are certain herbs and testosterone supplements that can help to naturally boost up the testosterone level. Herbs can keep a body well supplemented with the required hormone to make the body function better. There are instances, where the herbs can ease the symptoms that lead to low T.

There are lots of best natural testosterone booster foods capable of acting as herbal testosterone boosters that you can include in your diet. These are:

  • Matcha Green Tea: It is rich in antioxidants and helps combat and protect the body from the damaged caused by free radicals. This herbal leaves work to promote the production of healthy sperm cells and free testosterone.
  • Kale: These curly green leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients that help maintain the manly hormonal balance.
  • Fenugreek: The herbal leaves or the seeds contain active compounds that increase the enzyme activity. It works to convert the cholesterol into testosterone. Try serving some ground fenugreek when you cook food at home.
  • Goat Weed: This herbal weed has long been used in the Chinese medicine for treatment of impotence and as a natural testosterone boosting agent. The herbal plant is known for containing Icariin; an active flavonoid that increases the level of nitrous oxide in a body and the blood flow to the sexual organs.

11. Healthy Fats: The Answer to Your Low T Levels

Low fat diets will crush down the natural production of the testosterone level. On the other hand, processed foods are unhealthy and will contribute towards obesity or increase in weight. Healthy fats can help to build up a healthier body; therefore, try consuming foods that are rich in Omega-3 fats.

  • AvocadoAdd Some Avocado to Your Diet: Avocados for example, are a good source of healthy fats. It is also rich in vitamin B-6 that can aid in the absorption of, which you already know, are natural testosterone boosters. Have some mashed avocado as a filling for your sandwich, along with salad, or in a steaming bowl of bean burrito.
  • Binge on Nuts: Munch on some healthy nuts that come in the form of shells. Examples are – almonds, pecans and hazelnuts. These nuts come heavily packed with healthy fats that improve the flow of blood to the muscle tissues. This will help you cope around with intense work outs that you need to keep the testosterone level in control.

Here is a diet list that contains the names of all the foods that are rich in omega-3 fats. If you are not into eating avocado or nuts, then try out these:

  • Algae
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Mussels
  • Walnut Oil
  • Hemp
  • Flaxsee

Do you love peanut butter? Then you will enjoy the next point.

12. Supplement Your Diet with Resveratrol: This Compound Is Worth Your Share

Studies indicate that repeated treatment with resveratrol can lead to increase in contamination of the blood testosterone, the epididymal sperm motility and the number of testicular sperm counts.

  • Red Grapes: A rich source of resveratrol and compound quercetin, the flavonoids in red grapes acts as an antioxidant and can inhibit the enzymes that work to reduce the testosterone levels. So, enjoy your grapes as light snacks, or simply include them in your green salad.
  • Blueberries:Not as rich in resveratrol like red grapes, blueberries are a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, manganese and vitamins C and K. Besides that, they reduce the estrogen levels in the human body, thus giving the androgen level more predominance over others.
  • Peanut Butter:Peanut butter is a healthy source of resveratrol, manganese and niacin. Go on and use itfor dressing up celery or apples. You can spread it on toast, too.
  • Dark Chocolate:Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains resveratrol that nicely blends with other minerals and antioxidants such as copper, iron and manganese.

13. Vitamin-D Rich Sun Baths: Your Body Needs Vitamin D

Vitamin-DA sun bath can help your body in the absorption of plenty of vitamin D. This will not just help in the building of stronger bones, but will also help the body to produce sufficient levels of vitamin D. High levels of Vitamin D can help the human body produce more than 20 percent of its needed testosterone level.

If your profession requires you to spend most part of the day indoors, then ask your doctor to prescribe a diet chart containing Vitamin D. If you do plan to sit under the sun, be careful to do so in the early morning or late afternoon when the rays are not as strong.

Here are some ideas for dishes with vitamin D you can incorporate in your diet:

  • Fatty Fish: You can go for fatty fishes like trout, salmon, tuna, mackerel or eel. A three-ounce salmon fillet contains about 450 international units of vitamin D. In addition to this, they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Canned Tuna Fish: Canned tuna fish is rich in vitamin D. According to studies, a canned tuna contains about 150 International Units per ounce. In addition to these, they are the easiest and the best natural testosterone booster stack up that are generally less expensive than fresh fish.
  • Mushrooms: When exposed to ultraviolet light, mushrooms are rich in vitamin D. You will be able to find specific brands that are known for harvesting mushrooms in ultraviolet light. There is 400 IUs of vitamin D for every three ounce serving. Read the ingredients first if you have decided to try searching for mushroom packets that farmers grow under ultraviolet light.
  • Fortified Milk: Every type of cow’s milk that you come across in the United States has been fortified with vitamin D. In general, there is 100 UIs of vitamin D in an eight-ounce glass of milk. Do not forget to add milk to your diet. However, it is also vital to note that cheese and ice-cream do not have concentrated vitamin D.

Do you know how garlic can affect your testosterone? Keep reading to find out

14. Try Improving Your D-Aspartic Acid Level to Boost Your Testosterone Level

The D-AA or D-aspartic acid is a naturally occurring Amino Acid that works like a messenger between the brain and the Leydig cells. This helps convert the cholesterol into testosterone. Supplementing the D-AA level will cause an improvement in the massaging system working between the testes and the brain.

Most of the ingredients that we have mentioned above such as red grapes, nuts and oysters are a rich source of the D-AA. However, here are some more foods to eat:

  • Garlic: It is rich in substances like quercitin and allicin, both of which works to inhibit Cortisol metabolism. Cortisol is a stress hormone and the excess of which can hinder the reproductive function. The quercitin and the allicin helps reduce the overall impact of the Cortisone that will indirectly lead to production of the testosterone level.
  • cauliflowerCruciferous Vegetables: The types of vegetables falling under this category include brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, cress and broccoli. According to experts, they contain indole-3 carbinol – a type of compound that works to reduce the estrogen level in the human body. This helps carry out the function of testosterone function more effectively.
  • Poultry and Meat: These contain high sources of amino acids and proteins, which makes them rich sources of aspartic acid.

Here is a general chart list that includes suggestion related to measurement and consumption. Check them out:

  • An average sized beef fillet will contain 4.5 grams of aspartic acid.
  • Three ounces of a beef pot roast will contain 2.4 grams.
  • One cup of chopped and roasted chicken breast meat will provide 3.7 grams of aspartic acid.
  • On the other hand, an equal piece of turkey meat will measure about 2.8 grams.

There are other types of meat that are also good sources of aspartic acid. These will include squab, duck, lamb and pork.

15. Meditate: Control your Emotional Stress and Even Eliminate It

A stressed out body is quick to churn out a steady stream of cortisol, or the stress hormone. This affects your production of testosterone. That is why it is essential that you try to keep your stress under controlled management. Here are some recommended ideas for those who always find themselves over-stressed at work or at home, so you can follow a pattern of a de-stressed life:

  • Cut back on your working hours. A balanced work life is necessary in order to help reduce your stress. Try whittling down your working day to not more than 10 hours or even less.
  • Get busy with your hobbies. Try to engage in other activities like reading and playing music apart from following a daily work routine.
  • Start meditating or learn to do yoga or Tai chi. Start your day by spending two to three minute to do meditation every day.

Emotional stress or disturbances is often associated with low testosterone impact. Read on to discover how sexual activity has an impact on your treatment.

16. Indulge in Sexual Activity: Another Testosterone Boosters Treatment

Consult with your doctorDo not shy away from indulging in sexual activity. Experts recommend that you pamper yourself into sexual activity along with treatment. Sometimes, the change in routine can do more than just good. According to doctors, the sexual satisfaction can depend a lot on the time of the day. It is also that time of the day, when the testosterone levels are higher in the morning.

If you are suffering from low androgens, then switch over your sexual activity and practices in the morning.

Following a natural testosterone booster treatment can help you continue living a healthy lifestyle without disturbing the pattern. Consult with your doctor and keep testing your testosterone level routinely. Review the medications and other best natural testosterone booster reviews if you are already consuming them for some other treatment.

There are times when the compositions of a particular medication can hinder the testosterone level. If such is the case, then ask your doctor to make the necessary arrangements. Forget about other best testosterone supplements that are sometimes shown on advertisements. There is little possibility that these medications will do you any good.

A Final Note

Learning about the testosterone deficiency can turn out to be quite unsettling, but it can help you begin your treatment with the proper mindset.

That’s because, getting yourself treated for testosterone deficiency will require strong persistence. You can seek for other treatment methods, but getting yourself treated with the best natural testosterone booster will require a strong mindset.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle during the time of treatment will not only help to overcome these health limitations, but will also help you in the long run in your life ahead.

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