16 Facts Young People Should Know About Human Growth Hormone And Aging


HGH for Young People agingThe human growth hormone or HGH is a peptide hormone that is responsible for regulating the metabolism and stimulating the growth and reproduction of cells for humans. It is also referred to as the somatotropin or somatropin.

HGH is naturally produced by the anterior pituitary gland which is found at the base of the brain. Generally, a healthy person produces less than 5 nanograms per milliliter of HGH. This can increase during puberty and pregnancy, while it decreases as soon as an individual gets older.

HGH provides numerous benefits for the human body, so it should be kept on a normal level. It helps in maintain a person’s overall health. This article provides some basic facts that young people should know about the human growth hormone and aging.

1. The Production Of human Growth Hormone Decreases With Age

The decline in the release of HGH because of aging is known as the somatopause. The release of HGH starts to drop when one turns 30 years old. By the time a person reaches 60, he will not produce growth hormone anymore. This is because as a person gets older, the function of the hypothalamus and the anterior pituitary gland deteriorates as well. Therefore, the HGH production is affected.

It is believed that the decreased production of this hormone also contributes to the formation of skin wrinkles and fine lines as well as the loss of muscle and skin tone for older people.

2. HGH Improves The Synthesis Of New Tissues

somatropinThis hormone enhances cell regeneration. Dead cells are replaced easily and quickly with enough levels of somatropin.

This also helps in enhancing the immune system by increasing the red blood cells in the bloodstream so that you will be able to fight the harmful microorganisms that may damage your body.

When the human growth hormone is at a normal level, the body can function well because it can produce enough energy. The more red blood cells carried by the blood stream, the more oxygen goes to the lungs. This prevents you from becoming tired easily after performing different tasks.

3. HGH Helps in Improving Sexual Performance

Growth hormone regulates the production of the other hormones in the body so that all the essential body functions and development are achieved. One of the hormones affected by the HGH is testosterone.

Testosterone greatly influences the libido or sexual drive and sexual performance. Sex is important in maintaining an individual’s wellness. As soon as a person ages, the level of sexual desire declines as well.

HGH also improves the flow of blood in all parts of the body including the sexual organs for women and men. It decreases the vaginal dryness for women during sexual intercourse and it helps men to stay aroused longer.

4. Sleep Can Help In Increasing The HGH Levels

sleep and hghGrowth hormone is produced throughout the day, but more of it is produced at night when a person is sleeping. Sleeping in total darkness makes a person sleep deeper so that the body will release more growth hormone.

Sleep deprivation and disrupted patterns of sleeping are found to be associated with the decreasing levels of somatropin production.

Getting at least 8 hours of straight sleep every night can improve the production of the hormones. Without adequate sleep, growth problems may result.

5. HGH Helps In Stimulating The Growth Of Bones And Cartilages

Growth hormone is a building hormone. It has numerous ways of growing bones. It triggers the release of the amino acids that facilitates speedy bone building. The amino acids also help in the absorption of calcium that repairs the bones, cartilages and cells. HGH also stimulates the release of the IGF-1, a hormone produced by the liver. This hormone has effects on the long bones as well.

6. Human Growth Hormone Can Be Used As An Anti-Aging Substance

As mentioned before, human growth hormone production declines as people age. Because of this, your body is more prone to have cell and tissue damage which can cause aging. Older people are using pills and injections containing HGH to maintain their youthful appearance and energy. HGH supplements improve the levels of growth hormone in the body without producing harmful effects.

7. Growth Hormone Helps An Individual Control The Level Of Sugar In The Blood

taking insulinTo make sure that the growth hormone is working properly, an individual should prevent high levels of insulin.

This is because insulin inhibits the release of the HGH. Therefore, a person should watch what he eats.

Eating the right carbohydrates will make digestion easier and provide a steady release of insulin in the body. Normal levels of insulin can help a person get rid of diabetes.

8. HGH Can Also Help In Losing Weight

It helps in melting away the belly fats and building muscles. It enhances the body’s metabolism making it possible to break down the stored fats and make use of them to produce energy. It influences two enzymes: the lipoprotein lipase, which is responsible in breaking down the fats, and the hormone sensitive lipase, which facilitates fat accumulation. The inhibition of these two enzymes reduces the use of sugars and encourages the body to use the free fatty acids as source of energy instead.

9. Intense Exercises Also Boost The Production Of Somatotropin

Human growth hormone is also released as a response to intense workouts. The higher the intensity of the exercises, the higher the production of the growth hormone. During the first 30 minutes of exercise, HGH is at its highest level. Young people should know the importance of regular exercises in achieving their desired height and body shape. Resistance training and endurance training are proven to be helpful in increasing the release of growth hormone.

10. Women Produce Higher Levels Of HGH Than Men

Women Produce HGHWomen and men have different patterns of hormone secretion. This is because men have larger nocturnal pulses for growth hormone than women. Women also respond more to intense workouts.

Most people think that men have higher levels of growth hormone than women because they have bigger and stronger muscles and they are usually taller. But studies show that women produce more HGH because of the estrogen which is present among them.

11. Increased Belly Fats, Fatigue And Less Muscle Can Be Signs Suggesting Low Levels Of Human Growth Hormone

There are many other symptoms caused by growth hormone deficiency, and they can be diagnosed during childhood. Other signs include the increase in the amount of body fat especially in the abdomen, decreased amount of muscles and abnormal circulation of blood.

When a person suffers from growth hormone deficiency, his social and professional functions may get affected. Young people often get conscious and lose their confidence when it comes to socializing with their peers.

12. During Puberty, The Release Of This Hormone Is At Its Peak.

The rate of growth hormone release at puberty is high and it increases the growth and development of a person. It is also during this time when an individual reaches his or her final height. Proper diet and regular exercises should be done during this period to enhance the release and use by the body of this hormone.

13. Normal Levels Of HGH Help In Improving Memory And Stabilizing Emotions

Mental disorderSomatropin enhances the function of the brain so that a person can think clearly and prevent mental disorders. It works on the regeneration of all types of cells including the brain cells and tissues. It also helps in maintaining proper blood supply in the brain.

If there is enough oxygen and if the brain cells are functioning properly, an increased concentration of neurotransmitters are produced and an individual can think and concentrate well.

HGH also facilitates the release of endorphins, the hormones that keep your mood stable. Normal levels of HGH help individuals to focus on what they are doing and to avoid emotional suppression that can lead to suicidal thoughts, depression and other mental disorders.

14. Bones Can Benefit From Increased Levels Of Growth Hormone

Research suggests that HGH can increase bone density. It helps the older people to get rid of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that causes the bones to become weaker. Women are more likely to experience osteoporosis than men. The increased levels of blood carrying oxygen in all parts of the body brought by the human growth hormone makes it possible to prevent bone deterioration.

15. HGH Regulates Menstruation And Reduces The Symptoms Of Menopause

menopauseMenopause is one of the many signs of aging. Because of the ability of the growth hormone to regulate the other hormones produced by the body including estrogen and progesterone.

Which are both responsible for the menstrual cycles of women – they also help in making sure that the ovaries are functioning well. HGH in women helps in improving their health and wellness.

16. More Teens Are Using Growth-Enhancing Substances To Increase Their Height And Improve Their Body

Teens nowadays are getting more conscious of their body. Boys are trying hard to develop lean muscles, while girls want to increase their height. These reasons cause an increased rate of use of the growth enhancement drugs among them.

While it is true that such drugs can help them achieve what they want, it is also important to remember that high levels of human growth hormone in the body are dangerous. They can cause the development of different types of cancer. Recent studies have also revealed that hormone treatments can shorten an individual’s lifespan.

Hormone treatments must be discouraged among children. Instead, they should be encouraged to try the natural methods of improving their hormone production like regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

Human growth hormone plays an important role in maintaining a person’s physical and mental health. It regulates the other hormones produced by the body. It also controls the process of breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Sleep and exerciseA balanced level of growth hormone can keep a person productive and healthy throughout life. Young people should stay away from hormone treatments because it can affect the normal functioning of their pituitary glands. This may lead to liver damage, endocrine damage, acromegaly, abnormal levels of blood sugar and heart diseases.

Sleep and exercise are the best natural ways to improve the release of the body’s hormones. Those in their teen, particularly, should get enough sleep every night and do regular exercises to improve the production of growth hormone and enhance the performance of the different organs of their body.

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